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How to Automatically Download Photos From Your Smartphone to Your Mac or PC With Google Photos

Apple gives you a measly 5 GBs of free storage; Google bests Apple with 15 GBs.

I usually recommend that people use Lightroom Classic, the desktop version, to sync images back and forth between their smartphone and their desktop through the Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers subscription service for $10/month, but I understand many don’t want to pay the monthly cost nor need Lightroom and Photoshop when you may only want to easily save your images from your phone.  For you, I recommend the following:

What You’ll Need:

  1. A free Google account
  2. A laptop or desktop computer connected to the Internet with Google Backup and Sync (previously called Google Drive) installed.
  3. On your smartphone, install Google Photos for either iPhone or Android

What You’ll Need to Do:

4.  Sign in to your Google Account and go to Google Drive.

5.  Click the Settings gear in the upper right corner, and select “Settings”








6.  Scroll down to “Create a Google Photos folder” and check the box:

7. You may need to select which folder where your images will be downloaded.

8. Open Google Photos on your smartphone and grant it permission to access your photos. Use Google Photos to manage your smartphone images.  If you delete photos from Google Photos, they will be deleted from the native Camera Roll.  If you delete photos from the folder in Google Drive on your computer, they will not be deleted from the smartphone’s camera roll.